Why do I need a TPA for my drug testing program?

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Having a TPA is much more efficient then trying to do it yourself,  and it does not cost any more money. A professional TPA has a web portal connecting collection sites, laboratories, medical review officers (MRO) all together electronically.  You can electronically order your drug tests for your applicants and employees and you can receive the drug test results by either e-mail or you can log in to your web portal.  This is an efficient process that has a fast turnaround time.

The TPA is knowledgeable and professional and can help you with any issues or problems. A big part of the TPA business is to provide customer service to the employer. Without the TPA you will have many contacts and be going around in many different directions to get help and service.

The TPA also coordinates and manages any required random testing you may need.  This can include enrollment into a consortium if you are a small or large company who has to be in one such as the FMCSA.

The TPA will advise you on Federal regulations, your state laws, for drug testing. With the services of a TPA you can avoid exposure to liability in your drug testing program.

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