Understanding Probation Drug Testing Procedures

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If you have been sentenced to probation in a court of law, more than likely you will have to submit to drug testing.  If you have never been in this situation before it can be scary. And you might want to know how probation drug testing procedures work.

Probation drug testing usually consists of five-panel screens or ten-panel screens. These tests for marijuana, cocaine, pcp, amphetamines, opiates, alcohol, and other street drugs.

These can be tested through hair, urine, and blood samples just to name a few.

Urine Testing

This is the most used method of probation drug testing. This method is usually preferred because it can screen for most types of drugs and can usually offer same-day results.

When this method the procedure is simple. You will receive a specimen cup and a moist wipe from the person administering the test. You will be required to empty your pockets and leave all personal items in another room before taking the test.

You will then go to the restroom and clean your genital area with the cloth to prevent any contamination from getting into the sample. After collecting the sample put on the lid and give it to the administrator.

Hair Follicle Testing

It is rare for courts and probation officers to order these types of tests. Typically, this method is only ordered to see past drug use. A hair test can show drug use up to three months prior to the test.  Samples are tested using a two-step method to ensure accuracy.

During the test, the administrator will remove a small sample of hair from close to the scalp.  It is then sent to a laboratory for overnight testing.

Blood Testing

This is another method that is not usually ordered but it can happen. This test can screen for as many drugs as the urine test. Blood tests can detect the parent drug instead of just metabolites. But this method is not typical because the drugs may not be detected six hours after the last use.

This test procedure is just like any other blood test. A needle is used to extract the sample from a vein.

More Information on Probation Drug Test

If you are ordered to take a random drug test and they come back positive for drugs you can be charged with violation of probation. You can be sure you are getting an accurate result with our tests.

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