Should you conduct Workplace Drug Testing?

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Companies that drug test their employees and have a comprehensive drug testing policy may receive discounts on their workman’s comp insurance. Workplace drug testing policies and pre-employment testing will help deter employee drug use, reducing workplace accidents, absenteeism, theft, etc. Random testing of employees will further ensure that your employees are not engaging in drug use after employment. Any workplace drug testing will help to protect your bottom line and the safety of all your employees.

When companies want to hire someone, they should require a drug test, and background check. The most common drug test used by employers is the standard 5 panel which includes Marijuana/Cannabis (THC), Cocaine (COC), Opiates (OPI) Amphetamines (AMP), Phencyclidine (PCP). More comprehensive tests like the 10 panel or 12 panel tests which include additional substances are also available. These tests can be administered in different ways such as saliva, urine, blood, breath, hair, or nail follicle. Prices will vary by test type and method of testing. Some government agencies, like the DOT, require specific tests and random testing for compliance.

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