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Excellent customer service and assistance.


Traci was efficient and went above and beyond to solve my issue. I was able to get tested in Florida. To anyone that need to use their services I will highly recommend this company. Traci one more time, thank you so much for your help.


Brutally Honest


I have to start by saying my situation was one unique one. I put myself in a bad situation by leaving a drug site as i found out that was a big Nono. Anyway, I found myself in a very bad stop. Then I found Tracey online on a late-night search and printed out the phone number so I would not lose it. During the last 10 days of google search looking online for someone with knowledge of the FMCSA rules i finally found Tracey what a blessing in disguise. So in the morning i called and boy boy what a 1 hr and 10 minuets discussion we had. During the conversation I knew immediately that she knew what was going on and she knew the rules on this dilemma that I was facing. Now Tracey was very professional the entire time was we was going back and forth she never back down from the truth of the matter and stuck to her guns as per the law. By the end of the conversation, I understood the law with a better understanding of it due to her knowledge. Ok now to the part where she came into play later on when she shined with her knowledge and how she helps me out immensely. She ended up teaching the company that put this violation on my FMCSA Report and explained to them that they could in fact remove this from my record, she explained to them over the phone how to remove it completely from my FMCSA report. The point of this is she was the only person that had any knowledge of the FMCSA rules and how the system works. What she did for me was nothing short of amazing and i really appreciate her immensely what a great job and a wonderful person. Thank you so much. !!!


absolutely amazing!!!


Traci was absolutely amazing!!! I went from being completely lost to being fully compliant and knowing how to handle it on my own! Not a pro yet but her services was stupendous. I wish i could’ve tipped her because her 30 minute phone lifted weeks worth of stress of my shoulders!!!!!

Grind Time

a wonderful resource for both me and my team


We provide Third Party Admin services and have used Traci for so many questions and issues which have arose through the clearinghouse. Traci has been a wonderful resource for both me and my team. Thank you!

Susan Gunwall

Give that girl a RAISE!!!!


I just hung up from Traci DelGaudio. Traci helped me with sign up for 3 different companies! We were on the phone for well over an hour! Her patience and professionalism could never be matched! By far the best customer service person I have ever spoken with! Give that girl a RAISE!!!!

Mary Ann Kolar

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