Blanket of Coverage (BOC-3)


The Blanket of Coverage (BOC-3) form is an FMCSA requirement for interstate transportation companies. A BOC-3 form designates a person or an office to accept any legal papers on your behalf in any state you conduct business and/or traverse through, and then forward them to you. If there is no BOC-3 form or no insurance on file with the FMCSA, there will be no authority issued.

You are required by law to keep a copy of your BOC-3 at your principal place of business or in your truck.

It is very important to maintain your correct mailing address with the FMCSA to ensure you receive any court proceeding documentation and avoid a possible default judgment.

You should refile your BOC-3 any time there is a name change, transfer of authority, or another change to the details you provided on your BOC-3. A BOC-3 is also required in order to reinstate an MC or FF number that has been revoked.

According to the FMCSA, the BOC-3 does not expire. It will remain on your account until you initiate a name change and/or reinstatement.

The BOC-3 registration provides you with a Process Agent in all 50 states as required by the FMCSA


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