Mobile Drug Testing

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In today’s economy with businesses being open later than collection facilities the use of mobile collectors has gained more interest. Mobile collectors are becoming more in demand as the workforce grows. With that being said, hiring a mobile collector does have its ups and downs. When hiring a mobile collector there are additional fees for emergency collections, same day collections, and after-hours collections. The price you pay will vary from regular business hour collections to after-hours collections. Collections fees may range from a couple of hundred to upwards of a thousand. This will depend on the time of the collection, the amount of notice to the collector and the type of test needed.

Fees you can expect from a mobile collector:

Hourly Rates: Some collectors will charge an hourly rate for their time, this will often include

travel time to and from the testing site.

Mileage: Many collectors charge a mileage fee for their travel. They may allow for a certain

before the additional fees will apply.

Collection: These fees may vary greatly based on the area where you need a collector and

the type of test that is needed

After-hours: These fees will come into play when needing a collection done outside of “normal”

business hours. Most commonly this will be for an emergency collection such as

post-accident or reasonable suspicion but could also be charged for a scheduled

collection for an employer with night shift employees.

When hiring a mobile collector, you want to make sure that they are qualified to perform the test that you need. Some qualifications that may be needed are DOT certified, Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT), hair collection or nail collection.

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