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Clearinghouse will help employers stay compliant. Services available include:

  • Complete guidance and consultation to help employers navigate through the Clearinghouse
  • Providing for employers the required annual query to determine any violations
  • Provide for employers the required reporting of positive alcohol tests and employer determined refusals to test
  • Provide for owner-operators access and reporting requirements to the Clearinghouse
  • Assistance to Drivers to correct any inaccurate information contained in the Clearinghouse
  • MRO Services – our MRO’s are ready to report information about positive drug test results and refusals to test to the database.Clearinghouse helps employers update their policies as required to notify drivers and driver-applicants of these new requirements to the drug & alcohol testing rules.
    The Clearinghouse rules require that employers notify drivers that drug and alcohol test information will be reported to the Clearinghouse beginning January 6, 2020 so as to encourage drivers to seek substance abuse treatment if they currently have a problem with the misuse of alcohol and/or use of a controlled substance(s). Clearinghouse can help employers with this requirement.

    Drivers will need to register with the Clearinghouse so that they can consent to allowing carriers to query the database for their records. Starting in October, drivers seeking new employment should begin to register. Clearinghouse can assist drivers with the process of registration into the Clearinghouse.

    Clearinghouse Services provides compliant services to all FMCSA regulated employers needing assistance with the Clearinghouse.

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