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All DOT employees are required to submit to After Hours DOT Post Accident Testing and breath alcohol testing as required by the US DOT guidelines.  If you need assistance finding locations, call 800-713-5971.  An employee will submit a specimen for a drug test as soon as possible from the time of the reportable accident but no later than 32 hours after the time of the accident as defined in the table below. Alcohol testing must be conducted within eight (8) hours of an accident.  The employee is prohibited from consuming alcohol for eight (8) hours following an accident. If the employee is injured, the company has the right to contact any treating medical facility and request that a controlled substance and alcohol test be obtained, or to obtain from the employees medical records, the result of any such test obtained during the course of treatment. The refusal of any employee to allow the collection of these specimens or to attempt to block the release of said specimen will result in the immediate medical disqualification of the employee. An employee who fails to report an accident to the COMPANY and who fails to comply with the post-accident requirements of this policy will be presumed to be positive for the presence of a controlled substance resulting in the medical disqualification for employment with this Company.

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